A shallow dilemma

“The subtle art of losing it”- No, I am NOT some expert giving my perspective on the depth of life and its small cherish-able moments. In fact, if anything, I am doing the exact opposite. I am just a seventeen (soon to be eighteen!) year old girl who, like any other seventeen year old in […]

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A temporary forever?

“If that blue could stay forever, if that hole could remain forever; if this moment could stay forever” -Virginia Woolf Forever. The simple utterance of this word has the power to get back a person, a place or a distinct memory in millions of minds, all in the matter of a mere second; but what […]

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In the making

    I am pieces of all the places I have been to And all the people I have met, The ones I’ve loved and despised And the stories that have been told and read. // I am pieces of the song lyrics that resonate with me And quotes that touch my soul, Sharing experiences […]

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The intoxicating drug

“Is hope a drug we need to go off of, or is it keeping us alive?”  -Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw said it 20 years ago and has had me questioning my life choices ever since! But really, does hope do that to us? Is it just a concept to let us believe that […]

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Too (in)human?

Its ironic how the word “inhuman” actually resonates so much with the identity of  humans themselves, who even knew a species could have an antonym? But then again, “human” too was created by man himself to popularize the general identity of anything with a maximum of two legs that can walk, two hands that can write […]

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The paradoxical being

  Conflict is one of the most essential parts of being human. It forms the main essence of psychology of the human mind and challenges one’s potential. It is a romanticized contradiction of one’s conscious and subconscious minds, thus displaying a strange beauty of its own kind. // Whether be it emotions, moods, relationships or […]

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Soul capitalism

  The universe is a funny concept, it has brought into existence the human species and made 7.5 billion copies of it over time, and to add on to the humor each one of these copies is so different yet so similar. The physiological makeup is more or less the same in all humans, however […]

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Confessions of a millennial

We live in a world filled with coffee addicts, Snapchat filters, ripped jeans, memes and let’s not forget, Beyonce’! Our generation seem to range from a variety of innocent caffeine addicts to homeless adults going through mid-life crisis, yet we are a generation filled with power, integrity and virtue as never seen before. // We […]

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Life vs. Death

  Our life when seen from an outsider’s point of view, is a joint collection of beautiful spiraling moments like that of a photograph album, each depicting different yet intriguing experiences and emotions. But why is it then that we tend to look at it as nothing but a black and white movie that is being […]

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The funny truth about life

  It’s a funny world we live in, where one gender is obliged to marry no one but its opposite sex, where kids who don’t go to school are not considered “smart”, where beauty has suddenly overrun intelligence and where a globally useful platform like the internet is dominated by violence and makeup products. All […]

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A reflection of love

  She glances at her dressing mirror Trying to cover up his last night’s mess, Hair let loose covering the bright red scars on her face Standing in a half ripped white bride’s dress.   She glances at her dressing mirror The had-been virgin blushing whilst thinking about the sin committed last night, Its not […]

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