A shallow dilemma

"The subtle art of losing it"- No, I am NOT some expert giving my perspective on the depth of life and its small cherish-able moments. In fact, if anything, I am doing the exact opposite. I am just a seventeen (soon to be eighteen!) year old girl who, like any other seventeen year old in [...]

Until the next stop

"Does the person create the journey or does the journey create the person?" - Louis Vitton // Punishing times like these call upon our reflection of the past. It urges us to think whether our calling in life has been met, or rather, what is our calling? // At the risk of sounding too ethereal, [...]

A reverberation of the past

Help me! she says as she trips back into the hole, Sin, not gravity, pulling her back to her roots, "I sensed you were near, dear" reverberates the familiar voice, "Nothing much has changed here since, just follow the rules." // She is addicted to all the bad things they warned you about, Misogynists, liars, [...]

The irreplaceable you

Existence is not accidental. The universe works in a certain way for a reason, be it good, bad or horrifying. Humans are born, birds lay eggs, plants reproduce; even the dispersal of the smallest seed into the ground is consequential. Nothing would be the same, if even one minuscule thing that exists on this planet [...]

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