Why is it, that since the very beginning we have accustomed ourselves to live in this hopeless world of false hopes and expectations?

Is this world really what it is, or is it just my opaque vision that makes me see only the partial truth? Our species has been constantly dwelling on multiple lies ever since time seemed to have existed. From an infant’s first adorable cry to its last peaceful breath, the apprehension of such expectations always lingers; in fact by assuming that an infant’s first cry is adorable or a man’s last breath peaceful, I have already added to the long list of expectations. Why can’t all of us just stop assuming for a second and look around to realize that life will still move on whether we expect anything from it or not, and learn to be like the five year old carefree child who will do what his heart pleases, wear what he is comfortable in (whether be it no clothes at all!), and not give a flying f*ck about anything else in the world besides his own happiness.

I guess stepping into adulthood or just simply assuming that you’re ready to be an adult is one of the biggest mistakes we have made collectively as a species. Why does age have to be a means of defining how wise you are, why does gender have to be a way of defining your sexuality, why does money have to be a way of defining your values; keeping reality aside, even our virtual worlds have become a victim of such impractical hopes and expectations. Why is it always assumed that the good-looking guy will fall in love with the perfect girl, the nerd will only be able to get the cute guy if she goes through a makeover, the hero will always save the dreadful heroine from the villain, the black guy will always be the white guy’s sidekick, or the greatest lie of all….. “they lived happily ever after”. I am not saying don’t expect, in fact you should continue dreaming as that is the only thing that will inspire you to reach your goals, but don’t make yourself accustomed to such hopeless romantic beliefs, because guess what, when you’re stuck in a house on fire no one is going to jump through your window in a black suit and gelled hair to save you (unless of course, you are Audrey Hepburn), you are going to be your only savior and at that time it is your decision whether you want to hurl at a blanket to stop the fire or continue dreading your life waiting for your knight in shining armor to arrive in his fire-proof suit on his horse through the window.

I know that sometimes it is better to teleport to a delusional world of hopeless romantics, trust me thats where you will find me most of the time, but lets not distant ourselves from reality so much that it soon becomes our ONLY world, because for some obscure reason I actually seem to enjoy the little imperfections laid down in our troublesome lives. I’d like to think sometimes that a knight in shining armor could also be a lady, that sometimes the villain might end up winning the perfect girl’s heart or even maybe my Prince Charming is probably an ordinary guy who does not look like Channing Tatum 24/7. Just think about it, its not the best but it is the lesser known bittersweet reality.


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