“Happiness”- I learned this word as a kid but its meaning kept changing as I grew up in different surroundings with different people; funny, how I also learned of the word “acceptance” in a similar manner.

Its a funny world that we live in. When asked as kids, what we want to do when we grow up, everyone is appreciative of the idea of you becoming superman, an artist, even a taxi-driver, but as soon as the years start to multiply and the books start getting fatter, these amateur dreams are somewhere lost in the jungle of expectations. Maybe thats why childhood is such a precious part of one’s life because that is the only time no one can stop you from believing in yourself and your dreams, no matter how impossible they are. However, once we step into our teenage years we are forced to face the harsh reality of the world and limit ourselves into thinking that our life will only revolve around science, commerce or arts. What we do not understand is that life actually does not revolve around any of these subjects, these are just a means to help us achieve our goals, the actual task is the battle within ourselves. For some odd reason, there seems to be an inverse relationship between self-confidence and age; as our age starts to increase the child in us slowly fades, and so does our confidence with it. It is at that point when we realize how foolish we are to even think of doing something different from the majority, and that is undoubtedly one of the lowest points in a person’s life because it is no one else but us pulling ourselves away from our dreams. I guess it at this point that we should question ourselves whether the younger you would’ve been happy about the present you’s attitude, and you’ll know what to do when you’ve got the answer.

I really appreciate the beauty of human nature and I honestly think we as a species have come a long way in terms of physical, mental as well as emotional growth, however when it comes to the concept of acceptance, I think we might be lagging far behind. Apparently Homo sapiens are the most evolved species till date, yet our perception of ourselves seems to be horrifyingly outdated, we are known to have the most “developed” brains and yet our mindset regarding simple facets of life is still underdeveloped, we seem to have built massive skyscrapers and majestic towers but our own mentality is still a “work in progress”. It is pitiful to watch so many individuals doubt themselves and their capacity and label themselves according to others’ judgements. Whether we make such judgements knowingly or unknowingly is our choice, however what we do not understand is that we are indulging the other person in this vicious cycle of criticism as well, by arousing self-doubt in them, not only do we lower their self esteem but it also paves way to an atrocious path of insecurities which leads them to behave in the same way with others. Thus, by doing so we are only promoting this horrible cycle of events further on for others. That is why it is best to keep such judgements to ourselves and follow the motto of ‘live and let live’.

It should be made clear in big bold letters to every one out there that at the end of the day you are the only one you need to please! I will not change my clothes according to others’ comfort, I won’t turn my confidence down a notch just to feed someone else’s ego and I certainly WON’T change myself just to please others. As a wise person once said, “Worry about loving yourself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.”


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  1. Wow Dhiti….that’s is absolutely wonderful….I am of the same opinion and lover the way you have conveyed. ..wish u all the best and my best wishes with you always …keep it up rockstar

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  2. Diti – Very well written.

    I think one of the reasons why as a child you are so creative and confident is because you don’t need to worry about where the living will come from. As you start to grow up in this world, the reality (for lack of a better word) starts to hit you, i.e. you got to be able to start earning the living yourself. And that’s when creativity and confidence of a child starts to dwindle and to some extent starts to get over powered by the harsh reality of being a human being on this earth. But I think that’s just part of us being here. This is part of the human life journey and those who walk through this “successfully” get to yet again enjoy that creativity and confidence later in the life. But yes, you have to go through this struggle, this journey. That’s perhaps the difference bwteeen what’s called heaven and earth. Key to happiness is to enjoy the struggles as well.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. It is very true that each one of us has to walk through this journey of life but from the way I look at it we can either try to be more successful than the other in this competitive world or let the inner child in us sometimes wander and enjoy life, I think that is what a successful life means at the end right?


  3. Dhiti
    Wonderfully written !!
    The challenge is how to keep one energised as a child and keep being curious.
    God Bless !!



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