This is not a vent!

This is not a vent!

This is not a vent!

NO, this is not me venting about my feelings against the misuse of power done by egotistical men or the severe wrongdoings performed on women since the past uncountable helpless years. This is just a young woman expressing her thoughts on an online platform for the world to see rather than penning them down in a personal diary to hide under the bed on helpless nights. So lets just get straight to the point.


Apparently human beings are a “developed species”?! The word developed here means being fully aware of one’s physical, mental and social surroundings, thus when we call ourselves a developed species we take into account a person’s psychological well-being as well. Then why is it that every time a woman, irrespective of following the society’s ordeal of being “appropriately dressed”, experiences a paranoia when she steps out at night alone. Why is it that she has to carry a pepper spray or a knife to make herself feel safe. Why is it that she has to cover her body from head to toe against her will just to avoid attracting “unwanted attention”??


Ironic isn’t it, how we try to escape men in dark, narrow alleys when alone and yet call up our male friends to come pick us up at one at night when we are not feeling safe. How is it then that we trust only a few selected men and simply label the others as “rapists” or “creeps”? For all we know, that one guy who you trusted the most might end up doing something horrible to you that you probably would have expected from a creepy stranger you saw at midnight in the alley. After all (correct me if I’m wrong) most of us have been brought up by our parents telling us to not trust ANY boy, no matter how close friends they are since you never know what might be going on in their heads. Now tell me what am I supposed to do then living in one of the safest cities of our country and yet not being able to feel safe with even my best friends at a party?


What is the point of democracy when only one half of the population can walk around the streets confidently at night while the other half is supposed to be home before the suns sets; and to top it off we have creative demeaning names that are used to describe a woman’s character when she is trying to live her life amidst these problems, the most popular ones being slut, whore, prostitute and many more. Besides this, the worst part is that sexual harassment has become so common among women nowadays that it has completely desensitized us as females as well. Initially when I used to first travel by trains I would feel unsafe coming back home at odd hours, as soon as I used to get off from the station the streets would get quieter, the looks would get dirtier and my pace would get faster. With every passing second I could experience my heartbeat rise over the loud music blasting from my earphones, and I would crave for the sight of at least one lady whilst waiting for an auto rickshaw with my phone clenched in my sweaty palms. But now this has become such a regular sight for me that I don’t even feel the need to cover myself with a scarf or a jacket anymore or call my female friends while walking across a deserted street at night to make myself feel safe, and why should I?? Now I just walk past confidently without caring about what others are looking at because I believe the other person’s motive is not going to be determined by my dressing sense but rather through my behavior and confidence. I live in a democratic country where both men and women have equal rights so why shouldn’t we feel equal too?


So I guess at the end we as women are the only ones who can bring about a change in this mentality, no matter how clichéd that sounds. This is a tough war and its not going to end that soon, but we are the only ones who can do something about it and its start is by changing our own perspective of looking at things. Sexual harassment is a serious global issue and requires urgent attention, but if we all promise to work towards the safety of women maybe we can after all bring about a change in this ruthless world.


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