I don’t know if this is the stimulating midnight coffee talking or just the anxiety of turning 18, but I find this thought quite intriguing. Do we just happen to be imperfect or is it our minds that have set an impossible standard of “perfection” for us and if so, why can’t we just be happy being the way we are?! Most of us (and I am a huge part of this) seem to try and conceal our imperfections in numerous ways, however, do these flaws ever disappear or are they just simply hidden fooling us with temporary happiness; and if so, is it our insecurities that force us to take such actions or simply the fear of other’s opinions about us?


Being a part of our generation, I have realized the amount of silliness we contain in our ourselves. We are a bunch of indecisive minds who have somehow managed to not only survive, but also mould the world according to our preferences. Be it social media, the hierarchy in social settings such as high school, or even the amount of luxury products we own, there is no limit to our need for proving ourselves in the eyes of others irrespective of our own personal choices. We seem to be stuck in a constant cycle of impressing people we don’t like rather than the ones we love, we find ourselves wasting energy on people we hate but being afraid of telling someone we love them, we are always ready to pick on others but never ready to accept our own mistakes… and sometimes it makes me wonder is this really how we want to lead our lives?? If anything more, we have let numbers define our worth! Scores on a test, pounds on a scale, price tags on clothes, followers on social media do not define you as a person, they’re simply an accessory. The real you is measured by your happiness, your ability to love, your laugh, your perfect flaws, your late night conversations, your unforgettable memories, your saddest days, your happiest days, your closest friends, your stupidest mistakes, your dreams and aspirations; don’t let numbers consume you, each of us has SO MUCH MORE substance than that!


Whether you’re an 18-year old college student, a 30-year old housewife or even an 80-year old man, never stop exploring the world around you because you never know at what instance it might be taken away from you; and then you’ll just be left regretting missing out on your high-school prom or not being able to talk to that attractive stranger or not getting your favorite band’s name tattooed because you were too afraid of your parents finding out or too busy placing the society’s preferences before yours. Heaven probably might be the perfect place for your after life, I wouldn’t know I haven’t been there, but Earth sure as hell isn’t as bad even with its diverse imperfections walking around it everyday. So lets just make one promise today and decide to do something for ourselves for once, even if does not comply necessarily with “society’s ideals”.

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  1. I came across your blog and I started wondering what a world would it be where this is no materialism and where money comes last and being happy comes first. Keep up the good work 🙂

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