A reflection of love



She glances at her dressing mirror

Trying to cover up his last night’s mess,

Hair let loose covering the bright red scars on her face

Standing in a half ripped white bride’s dress.


She glances at her dressing mirror

The had-been virgin blushing whilst thinking about the sin committed last night,

Its not easy being only seventeen and in love

She fears Jesus might not label it right.


She glances at her dressing mirror

Thinking about whether society will let her live or die,

She has had enough of these cruel homophobic comments

Enough to make her doubt whether love is a virtue or a crime??


She glances at her dressing mirror

Recalling the callous names labelled on her,

Some call her a slut, a prostitute and even a whore

But she doesn’t mind as long as the money feeds her five year old brother.


The mirror is now cracked

With brutal labels, comments and maybe even facts,

But we stay in a world filled with nuclear weapons and Trumps

So let nothing stop thou from committing the sin of love.


7 thoughts on “A reflection of love

  1. Dhiti I am so proud of you as my student ; who’s discovering herself and her talents and has a voice that is full if sensitivity and the conviction to day in what she believes in .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ma’am, and really most of the credit goes to you for helping me believe in myself and the power of words! Thanks a lot! This all is a result of having an amazing English/TOK teacher like you:)


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