It’s a funny world we live in, where one gender is obliged to marry no one but its opposite sex, where kids who don’t go to school are not considered “smart”, where beauty has suddenly overrun intelligence and where a globally useful platform like the internet is dominated by violence and makeup products. All of a sudden the Bob Dylan song “Blowing in the wind” has started to make sense, because apparently it is quite a funny world that we live in, eh?


But don’t worry, I’m not going to start my new year by complaining about the troubles of living in the post-modern era and I am CERTAINLY NOT  going to make my first blog post of 2018 about it, but what I really wonder as I try to bring my scattered thoughts together  is that more than a funny world it is a beautiful world that we live in. As you read this someone at this exact moment has welcomed a new life into the world while someone else has just lost a friend dear to them, probably at the other end of the world a young girl has just started her day completely unaware that she will meet with an accident today, on the other hand, her next door neighbor has just left for school not knowing that he is about to bump into the love of his life in a few minutes. So many stories, some happy and some melancholic, yet there is some sort of hidden beauty in all of them. Everyday we wake up to new experiences, innocent to the incidents that are going to take place in the following day, and this unconscious bliss is what makes life so worth living! If everyday we had a planned schedule of how our day was going to be and who we would meet wouldn’t it just get so boring, but rather waking up to a new day full of endless possibilities and unpredictable incidents help make up the magic lacking in our repetitive monotonous lives.


So instead of blaming the universe for everything that has gone wrong in our lives, lets not forget to thank it for everything that went right. Be it the test you aced or a girl you finally talked to or maybe even that bus you didn’t miss this morning, lets just make it a note to be thankful for all of them and not regard any possibility that life places in front of us as big or small.

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