We live in a world filled with coffee addicts, Snapchat filters, ripped jeans, memes and let’s not forget, Beyonce’! Our generation seem to range from a variety of innocent caffeine addicts to homeless adults going through mid-life crisis, yet we are a generation filled with power, integrity and virtue as never seen before.


We can make a picture worth a million dollars and a person worth a million likes just by pressing buttons on a 5-inch branded glass screen. It seems like before this humans hadn’t even realized their own potential of discovering their awesomeness but now that they have, they are being constantly criticized and judged by other older individuals. People talk about slut-shaming, body-shaming but no one ever talks about youth-shaming, or is that even a thing?? I guess we just got another item to check off the list of “incredible discoveries made by millennials” (I’ll hopefully write a book on this someday). Almost every kid under the age of 21 would have experienced this kind of discrimination by older adults where they were blamed for being the “irresponsible generation”  or criticized for their way of living life “casually” or not having to go through the same hardships that their parents had to face (because lets be honest, if you didn’t have to walk a thousand miles through a desert and swim your way through a lake filled with alligators just to get to school everyday like your dad did, then you haven’t seen life dear). Anyways, its not always necessary for children to take up the same steps as their parents did. Each individual is set on a different path of life, the journey can never be the same for two people no matter where the destination is. So instead of judging our generation for leading our life on our own terms, maybe we should start appreciating our courage and motivation to be different from each other to lead focused and independent lives for ourselves. One thing that unites people from the same generation is their diversity, ironically. By diversity I don’t mean different castes, colors and races, but rather different ideas, personalities and aspirations that are so varied that they connect us into a collective family. Trends have always come and gone, they did even in the generations before us, so instead of being criticized by a bunch of hypocrites these trends should be used as weapons to fight the battle of “youth shaming”. We are the generation that discovered the power of the internet, got memes into existence, invented charcoal ice cream, connected people through social media, got social problems like depression and anxiety into the limelight, recognized communities like LGBTQ for the first time and made numerous other contributions to the society; do not let frustrated adults take away your only chance of experiencing this youth’s uniqueness, you have every right to watch weird youtube cat videos, laugh on ‘salt bae’ memes, wear ripped jeans to family events and live your life on your own terms as long as it does not hurt anyone.


Every generation has its high points and drawbacks and ours is no exception either however, criticizing and comparing is no way to go about it as it only widens the gap between each other and gives rise to misunderstandings that are probably continued for many years to come by. Hopefully after writing this I would have to face one less non-millennial talk about how entitled we as a generation are or how we tend to run away from commitment whether be it a job or a relationship; our strongest feature is that we have brought in the age of innovation which is highly significant as without innovation there would be no change and we would be back to leading our monotonous lives just like the previous generations did. So instead of being chastised for it, maybe its time we started getting a little more recognition for it and hopefully, carry on this outlook for our future generations as well.

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