The universe is a funny concept, it has brought into existence the human species and made 7.5 billion copies of it over time, and to add on to the humor each one of these copies is so different yet so similar. The physiological makeup is more or less the same in all humans, however the psychological/intellectual mass is what really makes up the core in each one of us and differs at varying levels.


Unfortunately, we are so used to judging each other based on our outward appearances  that sometimes it makes me wonder what were to happen to the human race if beauty was replaced by brains. What if we met minds and souls before meeting the face of a person? What if words like ‘gorgeous’ or ‘desirable’ were attributed to people with intellectually stimulating minds rather than powdered up faces? Would our world still be the same or would it change for the better good? Would the demand for cosmetics and fancy clothes be replaced by books and social awareness? Would museums and art galleries be built to display minds instead of bodies? In turn, would we actually be willing to step out then and interact with the world if our souls are what were being judged and perceived instead of our looks under layers and layers of makeup? Sometimes I think it is a conspiracy by the universe to trigger differences in our minds due to the lack of this facility, but then it also makes me realize that the only ones who started setting this trend in the first place was we, ourselves. We are the ones who started giving more importance to outward appearances and ignoring the inner beauty of individuals to such an extent that now if someone is unable to comply with the basic societal norm of beauty they are considered as nothing but ‘ugly’, and it saddens me to realize how difficult it would be for our species to survive in a world that meets souls instead of faces. Exposing one’s mind to the world is what pure nakedness feels like, having someone know all your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions is what most people fear. Almost everyone in today’s world fails to keep privacy in their lives simply because of the strong influence of social media which connects you to the rest of the world but also exposes you on a global platform. You, knowingly or unknowingly become a part of a capitalist society, however in this case the society is the ruler and us humans, its followers.


Lately, I’ve realized that being judged is probably one of the biggest fears that individuals face, whether be it from someone who is close to you or just a mere stranger. Just the simple thought of someone knowing our true intentions or our real emotions places so much insecurity in our minds that we think we are better off not expressing ourselves and we tend to put up a false appearance for the society to perceive. If only we could read someone’s mind instead of their face, we could end up living in a world filled with so much more generosity and love rather than in a plastic factory manufacturing endless copies that we like to call the ‘human race’.

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