Conflict is one of the most essential parts of being human. It forms the main essence of psychology of the human mind and challenges one’s potential. It is a romanticized contradiction of one’s conscious and subconscious minds, thus displaying a strange beauty of its own kind.


Whether be it emotions, moods, relationships or values, everyone goes through some kind of conflict which is differentiated under what is right as compared to what one wants. By building up a certain dome of expectations, society has ingrained in us an impossible standard for complying with these, thus giving rise to the “paradoxical being”.     The world in itself is a paradox, people’s expectations as compared to the actual reality is what brings this contradiction into the limelight. The soul is probably the only consistent form that does not change in the short yet tedious span of eighty years of human life, as compared to the brain which changes constantly. The former forms the metaphysical reality of a man whereas the latter processes the cognitive reality, and even though these two are different in their making they still seek out to achieve the same objective, i.e., simplify our life. However being the complex living machines that we are, we tend to complicate every situation and bring in the aspect of overthinking which according to me is man’s best enemy as it helps one to analyze a situation clearly but also at the same time brings in unneeded aspects. The soul caters to the emotional aspect of a conflict while our brain makes up for the logical reasoning. Thus, by doing so every conflict in one way or the other is defined by Man vs Self, with one being the outer self subject to conformations with society’s expectations while the other being the real persona of the individual that he/she might be hesitant to display; but being a paradox is in the blood of us humans and each action that we perform with every passing day ultimately contradicts the totality of our lives. Working, eating, constantly motivating ourselves to grow and learn in order to lead satisfactory lives in the future is the basic aim of every individual, however realizing that getting closer to your happiness with every passing day is just going to lead you closer to the end of your life, is in itself an example of one of the biggest conflicts that we might have to go through as living beings.


However, that does not stop one from achieving their goals, working towards their ambitions or even doing something that makes one happy, because with every passing moment even though we are being led closer to the end we are still getting to enjoy every ounce of this joyous life, with every step that we take, with every breath that we relieve and with every experience that we gain. Maybe after all the universe is a paradox and we are just tiny fractions of molecules waiting to be carried away into dust and in the meantime doing every possible thing alive.

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