Its ironic how the word “inhuman” actually resonates so much with the identity of  humans themselves, who even knew a species could have an antonym? But then again, “human” too was created by man himself to popularize the general identity of anything with a maximum of two legs that can walk, two hands that can write and a mouth that can speak out of the many distinguishable features alive.


At times, individuals (I am using the term individuals here and not humans to generalize) tend to create illusory concepts to give their lives some meaning. However in the case of our species we practically thrive on these concepts. We give time the power to decide how much we can accomplish in the next few decades of our life, we give a date more importance that the event itself in which it is occurring, we pull out our pocket-shaped devices to show the rest of the world that we are capable of having fun, we seek to the closest social media page for support when we are feeling low instead of choosing to vent it out to another person. So is it our incapability of showing emotions which makes us inhuman or the choice to be so? Is a murderer programmed since birth to take away people’s lives recklessly? Do rapists and chauvinists dream about sabotaging women’s lives with fear and anxiety? Do terrorists exist for the sole purpose of hurting innocent people? Or is it us that have in some way through our behavior or indifference, forced these individuals to be who they are now, and if yes, then who is more inhuman here? Inhuman does not necessarily have to mean doing something wrong or something that is against one’s moral values, but rather someone who can make one forget that they are capable of love and care and deserve only hatred from the world.


So probably the most endearing feature of us humans, is what makes us the most inhuman- our tongue. We have the strength to convey our thoughts into words, words that are much more powerful than any nuclear bomb discovered; yet we sometimes choose to say the most despicable things to people, completely unaware of its consequences and the extent to which it can affect other people’s lives in the long run as well. It could be indifference towards other people’s emotions because of some past experiences or simply the lack of humanity, however I refuse to believe that the universe put in that much energy for 2 million years just to get us into existence without any emotions, its probably a bigger cause than that. As a wise someone once said, “Being human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice.”

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