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“Is hope a drug we need to go off of, or is it keeping us alive?” 

-Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw said it 20 years ago and has had me questioning my life choices ever since! But really, does hope do that to us? Is it just a concept to let us believe that the universe will give us what we deserve at the right time at the right place or is it just a conspiracy derived to make up for all the times the universe has f*cked us over… but then again that would be too long a list to even begin with, am I right? (trying my best to not sound like an Agnostic here)


Drugs are supposed to leave you intoxicated for as long as you wish, but then again isn’t that what hope has been doing to us since the very beginning of our lives? It leads us to a high cliff filled with obstacles on the way up just to see us reach the top and fall down 25,000ft back on the ground, not once, not twice, but multiple times; except we don’t die, we somehow manage to survive because that is what we are programmed to be-survivors. We survived the Ice Age, both the World Wars, the Ebola, multiple heartbreaks and hopefully, Trump’s administration too. We grow as individuals, learn lessons from our past mistakes, sometimes even repeat them (multiple times) but we still manage to come out alive. Have you ever heard of anyone who had a bad day at school or a tiring day at work and died immediately due to lack of hope? Neither have I! Then why do we give the universe the power to control over our mind and emotions? Why do we constantly let it override our self-confidence and accept what it throws at us as if we are destined to be this way? Whoever said ‘Take life as it comes’ said it wrong, you don’t like the way it is thrown at you? You take it in your hands, mould it according to how you want it to be and then see it change right in front of your eyes. Trust me, that process will give you a higher satisfaction than your previous boyfriend ever could.


How do we even know what destiny is? Maybe it was just a concept randomly construed one day by an artist who wasn’t feeling like owning up to his responsibilities or a lovestruck boy who wasn’t able to accept the fact that a girl didn’t love him back and decided to blame the universe for it by writing dreadful sonnets in her memory. So honestly if you ask me, hope is like one of those placebo pills that the doctor pops in you to make you feel better even though it has no effect at all; we are surviving off of this placebo pill because we constantly feel the need to attribute the meaning of our lives to something that makes us feel like our existence matters, when in reality we are the only ones who can actually make that possible. Thus, I think it is time we began searching for that hope inside of us instead of in some mythical land of dreams called “destiny”.

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