I am pieces of all the places I have been to

And all the people I have met,

The ones I’ve loved and despised

And the stories that have been told and read.


I am pieces of the song lyrics that resonate with me

And quotes that touch my soul,

Sharing experiences and collecting memories

As I go on this endless journey of feeling whole.


I am pieces of the deadly thoughts and sins reeking havoc in my mind

Mixed with the scent of an old lover’s memories,

It feels as though I’ve opened a page of my favorite book

As I reminisce our romance, all passionate and sultry.


I have been stitched together time and again

Just like a child’s favorite sweater,

With late night conversations on a moonlit night

Along with coffee and the right people making me feel better.


Wish I could go back in time and tell myself

“Don’t worry child, time will heal it all”,

So enjoy every second, no matter how good or bad

Because what’s the fun in glory, without a little fall?

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