“If that blue could stay forever, if that hole could remain forever; if this moment could stay forever” -Virginia Woolf

Forever. The simple utterance of this word has the power to get back a person, a place or a distinct memory in millions of minds, all in the matter of a mere second; but what is forever? Is it possible that in an age of constant boredom and persistent confusion, the word “forever” could possibly exist? And if yes, then what is the expiry date of this gourmet dish that everyone seems to be craving a taste of?


Why is it that we humans have been so obsessed with the concept of “forever” since forever? In a world where people are learning to embrace radical changes like polygamy and Black presidents, why is it that we still wish to hold onto the painful and unaccomplished truth of having something in our lives forever? Let’s face it, nothing in this world is immortal, everyone and everything has an expiry date and if you try to hold onto it for too long it would only get as pungent and stale as the leftover yogurt in the back of your refrigerator. Why is it then that we wish to hold on to things or people forever instead of just being thankful to have experienced something so wonderful and exhilarating, whether be it a movie, a book, a trip, or a relationship. Why can’t we humans just be satisfied with a temporary standstill and not yearn longingly the delusional concept of “forever”? Is it because Man has been too mortified to deal with the constant changes occurring in society or can it be attributed to our fear of losing out on someone or something?


Personally, it gets very difficult to not want something great in your life to stay forever as it is almost embedded in our DNA to get the urge to control everything and wish for it to go according to how we’ve pictured it in our heads. However, we all know for a fact that that rarely happens. There will always be a person, a memory, a day that we wish we could back to, but maybe it is in that instance we need to remind ourselves that our life is nothing less than a starry night, it might give us beautiful memories to hold onto once in a while, but it will come back soon again in the form of a new constellation promising a new forever. 

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