Existence is not accidental. The universe works in a certain way for a reason, be it good, bad or horrifying. Humans are born, birds lay eggs, plants reproduce; even the dispersal of the smallest seed into the ground is consequential. Nothing would be the same, if even one minuscule thing that exists on this planet on this very day at this very second, did not exist. I, for one, probably wouldn’t have been writing this blog at this very moment either.


The need of the hour is for people to realize that no one is born to merely fill out the 25,000 mile space on this planet or to be a background character in someone else’s story. There comes a time when each one of us finds his/her purpose, what we do next about fulfilling this purpose is what actually defines our worth. It is important to realize that existing and living have two very different terminologies and by choosing which path we wish to take is what differentiates us from “a bag of molecules and bones” to being human beings. However, a lot of individuals tend to underestimate their worth and their purpose of existing. It is true that not everyone born is meant to create innovative technology like Steve jobs or save the country from its own tyrannies like Gandhi, however, different people are born to fulfill different aspirations, dreams and motives. Your smile, your eyes, your intellect, your humor, your passion, the comfort you bring to others- all of this is what defines and differentiates you as a whole from any other individual on this planet, and no one can ever take that away from you, not even you, yourself.


With science directing the very functioning of our daily lives, it becomes difficult to actually realize this, but even the most high-scale technology cannot replace our position in this world and provide those attributes that we contribute to society, sometimes unknowingly as well. Imagine a world without poets appreciating the beauty of disasters, without actors dramatizing life’s futile tragedy or without politicians trying to bring about a difference in society. Without each one of us, something would be missing in existence and nobody ever, can replace that.

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