Notre Dam Paris

Help me! she says as she trips back into the hole,

Sin, not gravity, pulling her back to her roots,

“I sensed you were near, dear” reverberates the familiar voice,

“Nothing much has changed here since, just follow the rules.”


She is addicted to all the bad things they warned you about,

Misogynists, liars, tragedies and dark thoughts,

Fake promises and crushed souls embody her completely,

Accompanied by a dark memory lane that you wouldn’t dare cross.


The tragedy of 9/11, the barbarous Florida attacks

She sees massacred bodies everywhere, from Iraq to Mumbai,

Some label it as an outrage of racism and some as simple bigotry,

Today she watches the heart of Paris blaze quietly with flames and cries.


The reckless kids look up to her for an answer,

Does it get better from here at all, do tell?

Little do the hopeless romantics know that, after all,

Maybe this world is just another planet’s hell.

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