After toiling through my thoughts and with the assistance of some ridiculously reckless past decisions, I have come to the realization that emotional growth is as essential for us human beings, as Veganism is to a white girl or Cricket is to Indian men- it is inevitable but it comes with its own set of pros and cons. (if you haven’t realized yet, my brain is 50% dad jokes and 50% memes so please don’t take this personally:))


On a more serious note though, the experiences that we go through every stage of our lives changes us into a different person, so much that by the end of our lifetime we have lived our lives as at least six to seven different people. For instance, a love song that you might have heard as a child must have not had much impact on you back then since you wouldn’t have really understood its significance. However, if ten years later you hear the same song and are in a completely different spot mentally, the same lyrics that were once irrelevant to you will now seem like they were written just for you because its meaning would finally resonate with you. People tend to be just like that too. You might not realize the significance of everyone you meet in your life. Be it the stranger who smiled awkwardly at you at the subway or a friend you’ve known your entire life, each simple moment carries with it the vulnerability of unravelling a completely new life for you because there is a chance from that very moment, you will become a whole new person with a completely different perspective on someone who you might have not even bothered to think about twice before. Maybe that is the true joy of living a fulfilling life- not knowing when and how things around you change for the better, creating a cycle of endless possibilities and experiences as you go along.


The thought of growing and changing every day into someone new sometimes scares the bejesus out of me, the vulnerability of not knowing what/who around you will be replaced can create daunting thoughts too, however that is when you should realize that maybe change is the only constant there is and the only reason change occurs is to create a better environment for you to grow into. Therefore, it simply implies that life just keeps getting better inevitably and with every passing day it brings you closer to the person you are truly meant to be.

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  1. There is infinite knowledge around us, there are things we don’t know that we don’t know but the whole human experience is to be victorious and thus become happy.

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