I want a black moon that serenades my sky

Melting into the Sun as dawn approaches

Coloring the fields in hues of blue and yellow

Each day brighter than the last, never losing its focus.


I want to see colorful birds swim

And men in black suits fly

The streets to be crowded with rainbow colored buildings

And not enough ice cream flavors in the world to try


I want to be happy, sad, eccentric and real

And not have enough emotions in the world to carry my feelings

I want to taste sin on my lips and touch the heaven above it

Without living in the constant fear of losing or winning.


He interrupts me saying, “I love you, but you are just a girl,

You can’t change the world’s colors on your whim”,

Laughing hysterically I stare right into his confused black eyes and say,

“Never mind, I just threw you out of that vision:)”

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