Sometimes, just sometimes, it feels like everything is part of this big holistic dream, a dream that seems to be going on and on, consuming with it every minute, every second of our fleeting lives. This chain of ephemeral moments provides a vision of the so-called “ideal life”, but also at the same time shows us how far away our lives are from living in that constant state of bliss.


In my view, imperfection is what fills magic in the bones of us humans. Achieving the state of utopia might have been the preliminary vision of many idealists, however, the post-modern school of thought beautifully justifies the significance of living beings as flawed masterpieces walking around the Earth. Whether be it two adults trying to figure out parenthood, a child learning how to play piano for the first time, two people falling in love with each other, or even the simple act of recognizing what makes one happy, sad, excited, angry, etc. However, in the brief period of twenty years of my life, I have recognized a common thread that unites us as human beings- we crave perfection in the most imperfect ways; we want to lead long healthy lives, yet we label occurrences like climate change to be a “hoax”; we want better education and health facilities, but refuse to pay our taxes on time; we preach for women’s safety and equal rights, yet seem to bolt them inside their houses as the clock strikes midnight; we talk about religious and gender equality, yet when the time comes, we resort to chauvinist politicians and long, apocalyptic silences. If this is not imperfection in its most raw form, then what is?


It baffles me to think that we as living beings have come a long way from where we started and we don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. We carry with us, a beautiful platter of emotions and experiences, one that seems hard to be replicated by any other species. Despite being capable of accomplishing such great heights, it seems quite perplexing to think- have we become a lost cause in ourselves?

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