LOUIS VUITTON - Travel Life is a journey

“Does the person create the journey or does the journey create the person?” – Louis Vitton


Punishing times like these call upon our reflection of the past. It urges us to think whether our calling in life has been met, or rather, what is our calling?


At the risk of sounding too ethereal, we seem to have begun this journey unknowingly years ago, whilst existing as tiny specks of molecules racing at the speed of 0.2metres/hour inside the human body. It was then that our minuscule subconscious decided to commence a literally “life-long” journey, in order to create the person that is reading this today. However, in the midst of this life-long journey are many shorter frames of journeys that can be attributed to forming the soul of that person. The word “journey” could be referring to a phase in one’s life that has had a deep influence on the person’s mind, an impactful trip that one must have taken away from home, or even a quest to prove something. Either way, each individual is destined to go through a certain journey in his life at a particular phase in time that leads him to his most raw, natural self. A few handful of people recognise this calling and devote themselves into capturing their truest form of potential, while the rest are left chasing a never-ending circle of trying to achieve some cemented form of idealism. Nevertheless, each person and his journey seem to be co-dependent; without one the other just seems bleak and hollow.


Thus, there is probably no definite answer to this million dollar question, however, realising and following one’s own journey of self actualisation in a world that renders cynicism and derisory, should in itself be considered life’s greatest virtue.

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