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I have been feeling a lot of things lately. Some would call it “emotions” while others prefer to term it as “lockdown blues”, but never mind let’s just do it the old way. It almost feels like people try to put you in a box when you reach a certain age, and emotional expectations are rifled out at you with a shotgun. While I type the words out the only thought that repeats in my head like a siren’s call is, “How on earth does one get rid of these boxes??”


It never occurred to me until recently that the reason we love setting rules so much is because they provide us with a stable approach towards life; but since when did stability start defying the authenticity of emotional well-being? Why is it that I am expected to be spontaneous and carefree as a child, but the same nature is reprimanded when I wish to live life on my terms as an adult? Why do we have to fit inside these specific, measured emotional boxes and more importantly, why do we need to keep shifting from one box to another after every few years? In my opinion, emotions are the most authentic component of ourselves, hiding our emotional state of mind to fit into society’s expectations of what a ‘successful individual’ should look like just adulterates the purity of being true to ourselves. It is important to understand that individuals grow, seek different experiences, and learn about their deepest selves at their own pace. Anxiety, confusion, ambiguity, self-doubt is all completely normal and oscillates in our lives from the time we are born till we subside into particles of the soil. Trying to confide such cathartic experiences into boxes and expecting people to move at a measured pace with their emotions and journeys would only turn the world into a potential toy-making factory with no spiritual profit.


The journey of knowing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually throughout one’s lifetime is a scandalous, yet engrossing affair that no one except you should be in full control of. And if someone ever tries to put that in a box, shatter every piece of it and run!

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