“Know thyself” – Socrates

I believe that spirituality should be counted as a virtue of the highest order, a beautiful cacophony experienced only by the fortunate few; a melodious sound of madness that can only be reached by those who truly listen to and become one with their soul. After all, isn’t that what life is all about- living through multiple experiences till you become one with yourself?


Referring to your body and your soul as two different units might seem absurd to some, however, when you really come to think of it isn’t the soul just living vicariously off of various bodily experiences and emotions of an individual? However, it is one’s ability to reflect on these emotions and experiences with deep understanding that leads to one having an intimate relationship with their soul. This journey of taking steps towards understanding yourself wholly and making a conscious effort to submerge yourself with not only your virtues and morals, but also your flaws and vices, if you will, is what leads a spiritual individual to come into existence. Despite being blessed with immense creativity and wisdom and being favoured time and again by the beautiful process of evolution, humans are probably the only greedy fools in my perspective, who need to have experienced the futility of wealth and materialism in abundance in order to realize the bigger reward that life has been seeking to provide them with all these years. However, without experiencing vanity it is impossible for one to set off on the path of spirituality as the latter itself requires some amount of narcissism in order to be self-aware and delve deeper into one’s behaviours, thoughts, and actions. It is a continuous process that requires one to be highly conscious of not only their surroundings, but also of themselves, which might require a great amount of cognitive awareness with probably a hint of narcissism.


It needs to be understood that spirituality is not a ten-step process that can be achieved by doing the “right things” at the “right time”, the only key to achieving it is by letting go and experiencing each day with great awareness of your mind, body, and soul. I assure you with the little experience I have had in life, the process of attaining spirituality is not as beautiful and poetic as it may sound on paper, however, it is truly worth it in every sense once you realize the inner satisfaction and gratification it can bring to you that no other currency in the world can.

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  1. Very beautifully n logically expressed…expressing these thoughts ….ur journey towards spirituality has already begun…..keep shining 🌟🌟


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