Intriguing Midnight Thoughts

I don’t know if this is the stimulating midnight coffee talking or just the anxiety of turning 18, but I find this thought quite intriguing. Do we just happen to be imperfect or is it our minds that have set an impossible standard of “perfection” for us and if so, why can’t we just be […]

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#METOO: A Catharsis

Warning:  This is not a vent! This is not a vent! This is not a vent! NO, this is not me venting about my feelings against the misuse of power done by egotistical men or the severe wrongdoings performed on women since the past uncountable helpless years. This is just a young woman expressing her […]

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Bittersweet reality

Why is it, that since the very beginning we have accustomed ourselves to live in this hopeless world of false hopes and expectations? Is this world really what it is, or is it just my opaque vision that makes me see only the partial truth? Our species has been constantly dwelling on multiple lies ever […]

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A shallow dilemma

“The subtle art of losing it”- No, I am NOT some expert giving my perspective on the depth of life and its small cherish-able moments. In fact, if anything, I am doing the exact opposite. I am just a seventeen (soon to be eighteen!) year old girl who, like any other seventeen year old in […]

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