Confessions of a millennial

We live in a world filled with coffee addicts, Snapchat filters, ripped jeans, memes and let's not forget, Beyonce'! Our generation seem to range from a variety of innocent caffeine addicts to homeless adults going through mid-life crisis, yet we are a generation filled with power, integrity and virtue as never seen before. // We [...]

The funny truth about life

It's a funny world we live in, where one gender is obliged to marry no one but its opposite sex, where kids who don't go to school are not considered "smart", where beauty has suddenly overrun intelligence and where a globally useful platform like the internet is dominated by violence and makeup products. All of [...]

The rebellious act of loving yourself

"Happiness"- I learned this word as a kid but its meaning kept changing as I grew up in different surroundings with different people; funny, how I also learned of the word "acceptance" in a similar manner. Its a funny world that we live in. When asked as kids, what we want to do when we grow [...]

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